Anger Is A Weak Defense

You use when you've got nothing left, or when you want to cover up your hurt and achilles heel. It's a survival mechanism, a rage to try and assert yourself in some desperation. Sometimes anger is for a friend, is for your loved one...but then that to me seems to be of another intense sadness and fear. Those who consider anger a dominant force and a power do not know it's true meaning. Anger is only a means of covering your own fears...and to try and instill fear in another person through anger can be compared to when a cat poofs up when it sees a dog-it's freaking out and puts on a facade of power.


Those who are truly powerful are those who can control themselves in moments of intense fear...withour anger and with thought. I know none of us are immune to it, and I know there will be times when we have every right and need to be angry...

this is, simply, a thought to consider.

Ayleena Ayleena
18-21, F
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