He Cheated

eventhough he cheated on me i am still loyal to him..i love him dnt know y!
fthelermont fthelermont
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Why? Because you are fully submitted to him. I am with the only man I would also forgive in that way... I just assume that it is because he is the man I am meant to belong to. I love him more than any other man i have been with... It does not give him the right to do such a horrible thing to my loyalty, but it has already happened to us and I wish he never hurts me like that again... Even though he knows I'll always be by his side no matter what. He takes care of me, loves me, provides for us, leads for us... I happily do everything he asks, wants or needs of me.

com'n my dear.............dont waste time your time going after for those, who dont even know your worth, your value and most important your LOVE.

That is adorable! If he loves you too, he will love you even more for standing by him.