By Special Request...

I came home for lunch. Mo got in just after me. She made her usual sandwich and cup of tea and sat down in her usual armchair. She kicked off her shoes - as usual - and sighed. She ate her sandwich and made the usual banal conversation. I wasn't really listening.

As she ate, and drank, my eyes wandered from her elegant, stocking-clad feel, along her slender legs, up to the hem of her dark blue work uniform. I loved the way the lace hem of her slip showed under the hem of her uniform dress. That was one of the things that had turned me on to her when I first got to know her, before I'd even asked her out. so sexy.

I moved to kneel at her feet and began to massage them. She sighed in pleasure and closed her eyes. Slowly I moved my hands further up her legs, stroking and caressing, easing the strain of a morning on her feet away. I bent my head to kiss her above her knee. She giggled, and said "Don't stop." I had no intention of stopping. My hands caressed higher, up under the hem of her dress, up to her stocking-tops, touching the bare skin at the top of her thighs.

She began to unbutton her dress. As she exposed enough of her body I knelt up to kiss the swell of her breasts. She undid her dress down to her belly, then lifted her breasts from her bra for me to suck and kiss. She was sighing and gasping at the touch of my lips. My fingers between her legs found a damp heat as I touched her panties; she gasped more loudly as I pressed harder. I dropped my head as I pushed her dress up around her waist, kissing her upper thighs, pressing my hand against the heat of her *****. I started to ease her panties down. She lifted her *** to help me get them down. As I pulled them to her ankles she lifted one leg out of them and parted her thighs wide, one leg on each arm of the chair. I lifted her *** to pull her further forward.

Her lips were swollen, opening like a flower. She was wet already. I touched her lips, pulling her wider open as I lowered my head. The scent of her arousal filled my nostrils; I breathed the sensuous perfume deeply, then blew gently over her sensitive ***** as my mouth came closer. My tongue touched her ***** and she moaned, arching her back, opening herself up to me. I buried my face between her legs, licking and sucking, drinking her nectar. Soon she was bucking and writhing, moaning and gasping, her hands pressing hard into the back of my head, driving my tongue into her all the harder. With a cry and a final writhe of her back she started to ******, her juices flooding over my tongue. She held me in a rigid grip for perhaps a minute, gasping for breath, before slowly relaxing. She pulled my head up towards her, looking me straight in the eye. "Kiss me" she demanded, and we kissed passionately. She loved kissing me when my face was covered in the juice of her *******, but this time she was overwhelmed in her lust. she licked my face like a happy dog, lapping up her own juices before kissing me deeply once more. Then she looked me straight in the eye again and said "Now **** me!"

At some stage, and i really wasn't sure when, I'd undone my jeans. I pushed them and my underpants down. My **** was rock hard and dripping pre-*** on the carpet. I leaned towards her and she reached down to guide me into her body. I sank to the hilt in her hot wetness and lay there for a moment, savouring the sensation of her arousal. She started to move under me. "Please!" she begged. "**** me now!"

I withdrew slowly, inch by inch, until just the tip of my **** nestled in her wetness, then I rammed hard into her. She cried out "Ahh! YES!" and we were *******, rutting like crazed animals, aroused beyond belief at the sheer eroticism of this stolen ****. I went rigid as my climax erupted deep inside her.

We collapsed, breathless, until she noticed the clock on the dresser. "Oh, crikey!" she said, slipping back to her usual polite language. "I'll be late for work." She stood up, but smiled happily as we dressed.

She said that evening that she couldn't stop smiling all afternoon as she stacked her shelves and served her customers. But the best bit, she said, was feeling my *** leaking from her ***** and soaking into her panties, and feeling the wetness all afternoon. We were very early to bed that night...

There you are, Bonnie. Truth or fiction? You decide. I'll write some more another day..

love, Dee X.

56-60, T
Feb 21, 2010