Diapered Like A Baby

I am diapered like a baby right now. I have on a medium sized prefold diaper from angelfluff diapers with two todler cloth prefolds inside from weebees all covered by a pair of blue stars plastic pants from llmedico. they are quite wet now also.

wetbottomdiaper wetbottomdiaper
56-60, M
8 Responses Mar 15, 2010

i love being diaperd, have a disposable inside my flannelette diapers for when i mess them,easier to clean up.im quite wet and it feels great, love not haing to go toilet.

Yay! That's so fun. Glad you got to wear your diapers. Maybe you should be wearing your diapers more often, little baby.

love cloth diapers and plastic panties, just got up and my thick cloth nappies are very wet just as well i have my plastic panties on,think im gonna fill my pants if i dont get to toilet real soon.gotta go its coming out

Hi wetbbottomdiaper, I'm a baby for ever and ever, at least that's what my wife tells me.She knows that I will be diapered for life, and I will never get my sensory in my nerves in my hands, arms and my lower body down to my feet.I know she will have to attend to my every need.Did you know I really can't feed or drink by myself.I am spooned and bottle fead day and night.I wet and mess my self all the time without realizing it.All those things I used to do before like a man is all gone.I can't make love to my wife or make her a romantic dinner.I can't do anything by myself anymore.So l accept my situation and love my wife to treat me like baby.Oh! I love my wife to give me a bath, we have lots of fun playing in the bubbles together.We both take a bath in the same bathtub it's a very large bathtub.She don't like it when I pee or poop in it, and if I do I don't know it until it shows up.I do love it when my wife diapers me,, because I like the smell of babypowder and baby lotion and she baby talk to me while she dispersing me, and changing me.I also love when she feeds me and nurses me with my babybottle.

You are Diapered Like a Baby, that's for sure. I am myself, completely soaked and beginning to leak from my plastic pants. They have little babies on them. I am sucking my binky. I just had my 60th birthday.Time to go get changed.

i wear my rubber pants under my work pants nobody knows i have em on feel so good too wear too

me too down in pa

in tennessee? where? i want to know more i like to be in diapers too in tn.