Seeing The End

smileysmiley     The Experience Project has been for me a grand experience.  I do love it here and I do love the friends I have made.  And there are some very special friends who go beyond words.
     It is getting more difficult for me to keep up with EP.  I find myself spending more and more time sleeping.  I have less energy for the site and am not here as often.  My body is winding down.  I believe I am going on the road that was set out for me and I am getting closer to the end. 

     I Will not leave EP and will add my two cents as often as I can.  In the event that I leave this adventure for the next, my sweet wife will log on as me and let my friends know.

     I love all of you, my dear friends.

      Well here is an update on what has happened since I wrote this thread.  I went into the hospital the day after I wrote this.  I was so tired, I didn't even have the energy to let the home health aide give me a bath.   That is just not me.  I live for someone to put their hands oon my naked body.  I was admitted and treated for inbalance in my  potassium level.  It had lowered to a point where it was life threatening.  Also, my cummidon level was low.  They kept me for a week, and I went home on a Sunday evening. I stayed at home for a week, then went back to the hospital with a possible heart attack.  It was very mild and I only was in the hospital for three days. also naked.  lol

     I am feeling good at the momement and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible.  I thank everyone for their prayers.  Hopefully, if I can keep my body balanced, I can last a while. 
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aroserises, I will write it for you today.

Dear Santa Mewold <br />
To read your update lets us know you really are in the sweet care of Angels! And you are one of my very interesting friends! "I cherish" <br />
And will always be! Lovya UR cAnDygUrL! whip cream for the naked guy in the tub :) ps.......... wash with tender loving care!

newdaydog and muvmc, I want to thank both of you for your steadfast friendship and support.

SH, you are right. And I wouldn't mind being the sub m between you two dom F's. Wow!

Sweetmeisje, I would use any excuse to be naked under a pink blanket with you. Lololol.

Andrew, thank you for always being a granite piller of support.

I am happy to hear that you are out of the hospital and feeling better mewold. It is good to see you here. You are in my prayers! Take Care, God Bless! *Hugs*

Adding my 2 cents..... Great news Mewold (except for the mild heart attack). Please do keep your body in balance. Think of all the hands on your nekid body you'd miss if yo checked out so early!

Wasn't our plan to have both of us marry Pixie and then live a happy FmF life together?

Love to hear the update, especially if it means you have a reprieve. Getting nude, lude and nekkid may be good for the heart and lungs, or not. But should we care? It's helluva good fun and it may mean leaving earlier, but at least you'll have a smile on your face! Be strong and let us know Mewold, we luvs ya! X@

Brieks07, thanks for the comments and for careing. I intent to use the rest of my time the best I can.

SG, troubleshooter, Airion, I still have some life left to live and I am still having fun. thank you for the love you have shown me. It will never be forgotten.

NDD, lets just keep on keeping on with our lude, rude, nude shenanigans. OK? I have another neat story about being naked in my room at the hospital. Does anyone want to read it?

SG, don't forget we have a plan. I wish I could remember what it is.

Given Take, it is an adventure. But it is one I would like to last a little longer. Maybe it will.

zall1rog, my friend, your thoughts are right on. I am going to add a update to this story that will tell more about what is going on.

rjestein, I am at pease. What will happen, will happen. The doctors seem to have moved it back a little for the moment.

Kindle, luvmc11, and my little sister, amysangels, thank you for the show of love. It is returned 100-fold.

=( We just started to get to know each other a little. =( I'm glad we've met though. Life is precious, but this too is a part of life, and it sounds like you have peace with what's happening, I'm glad you do. Thankful for the times past and the time you STILL have. =) Thanks for sharing the story to let us know. You're in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*


Well, I certainly HOPE and TRUST that you will be here for a LONG time to come!

Destiney, thank you for the comments 4 times even. lol

Snowy, you are always in my heart. That is a given. Thank you for being the kind of person you are. Many here love you, Thank you for your comments.

Mewold,<br />
I have been avoiding this story. You are my contemporary and this cuts very close to the bone for me.<br />
I apologize for not responding immediately but as all EP knows I am weak in some respects. Facing mortality, both yours and mine is one of my weakest weaknesses ... smile.<br />
Hang around Mewold, your desire to stay here is one of the key things keeping you with us. We all enjoy your zest for life and your irrepressible lust. (When I grow up I want to be like you) You would be sorely missed should you leave us. <br />
Here's hoping "it" will be MUCH later rather than sooner.<br />

Cabcraft, wib, shyirishrose, I love all of you and thank you for the great send off, but I am trying to hang around for a while. You guys will have to put up with me for a little while yet. lol

Marji, I love you and the way you talk. No, she won't log on nekkid, But I am working on her and it might happen. I told her I want to be burried naked so heven will know what to expect. I hope my penis comes back as large as it used to be. lol

thesec, thank you for the sentiments and expecially thank you for the prayers. Those, I really need.

Angelwings626, I believe in angels also and I think I have seen at least one last year. Thank you for your sentiments.

uncontrolable and cj,psf5, I can.t tell you how much it meands to me that you support me in a difficult time.

CandyRP, I think of you aften also. You are one of my more interesting friends and I love to read what you say. I will hang around as much as I can.

KATENICH, no, I don't have cancer. I have heart failure and COPD and Enphaseema. It is in an advanced stage and is really ******* with my body.

I just want you to know, mewold, that I love you and look for you every time I log on here... I miss you when you are not here. MWAH!

enna30. I love you too. And you arn't rid of me yet. I am going to write an update to tell what has happened since this story was written.

dedre, thank you for the fine complement. It means a lot. to me.

Hanna777, I am straight. lol <br />
And I am going to stay around as long as god lets me.

And I quote............"No, we don't do retractions here.............Now you are stuck with me.......Muhahahahaha............"<br />
<br />
So I am thinking, that perhaps, you are planning some paranormal activity eh? :)<br />
<br />
My wish for you, M.......we are all given many gifts to use throughout our life - so when you are called home and you are asked, “What have you brought me?” <br />
<br />
You can answer, “Nothing, I used all that you gave me.”<br />
<br />
Sláinte! To the "sparky bits"..... ; )

love u brother..hugs

I Love You mewold. May God Bless You! ((HUGS))

mewold- I can't remember how long we have been friends but it has been awhile. My wish for you is love and peace. It always has been and it always will be. <br />
<br />
We spoke about your daughter once and sending her my way when the time is right. I am here for you in all ways you need me to be and I will be here for her as well. <br />
<br />
You are an amazing man with an amazing spirit and a heart full of love. <br />
<br />
Hugs and Kisses to you my friend~ <br />

Although we havent got 2 know eachother i wish u peace and serenity in ur final days.

There's never a good moment to leave ... but sometimes we just can't stay. We all have our journeys to make mewold and it's been a privilege to share a tiny fraction of your journey with you my friend. Love and blessings to you dear, it's been an honour. But this isn't goodbye - expecting to see you around for a while yet I hope. Hugs and kisses on all your wrinkly bits honey. WiB

Ah Mewold, my eyes are misted too as I read your words. My friend you will be missed by me too, but will live on in the hearts and memories of many EP'ers as well as those fortunate enough to have met and known you in Real Life. Go with strength and courage and a tremendous amount of love and goodwill. May the Lord receive you with love and welcome you home with tenderness when the time does come. Until we meet again, dear friend, be of good cheer. xxx X@

Hang in there Mewold. God Bless you !!Q

May god bless you

Lov you Santa..always close in my heart!I have a copy of our stories in my heart too! We never know the is a door to eternal life! All that want or ask and believe always be together!*In my thoughts and prayers!whip cream lives! we will have cases of it in heaven..*wink*thank you God for bringing this charming gentleman in my life..and we will meet again! *heaven*this was hard for you to write tears as I read! **Hugs you tight*Ur cAnDygUrL!

Mewold, you have been a friend of mine since I first started on EP. We have never shared much in common here, but it has always been good to keep in touch. My tears are flowing as I read this . . . my friend, please know that there are many, many lives you have touched here on EP. And mine is just one of them . . . Thinking of you dear friend and wishing you peace and comfort. {{{Hugs}}}

Fair travels mewold, it is always a treasure to see you around EP.

Would be sad to us if anything happened to you Mewold. Please don't talk like that, we need you around here.

Hello you two. Mewold and AP, I hope it is a real fruit we are talking about.

Just when are you going to stop trying to get me to eat that too-soft banana, Andrew? At least wash it! lol

I love you too, Andrew.

I learned a long time ago, "Don't fight a battle you can't win." I still may have a little time left.

I do not know you, but this saddens me and gives a strange peace because you seem to be cool with it. I hope and will pray for the best for you and yours. Continue to be in that sweet place of peace. Angels are definately around you! <br />
<br />
(((Hugs)))<br />
<br />