I Love Being Me

I have always been myself and not one to follow others like some sort of clone. I mean how boring is that?
Tylorian Tylorian
51-55, F
4 Responses Jul 16, 2007

I have to agree I am also very different from the mainstream of society and enjoy every moment of it :)

So true. Openly they condemn us - but secretly they envy our panache, brio, and derring-do.

How can everyone else be normal if they don't have us weirdos to judge themselves by?

I was pretty young when I realized I was never going to be Joe Quarterback, company president, country club golf playing Porsche driver. For me, the nuanced joys of the "road less traveled" took time to understand, and importantly, struggle before I fully grew into them. Today I am completely shameless, unapologetic, and most of all, happy to be cut from a different bolt of cloth. It may not be easy work being a rebel, but damnit, somebody's got to do it.