I'm Different and Okay With It. Does That Count?

I have apparently always been different. The big, curlyhaired girl with the glasses. The one who wears tshirts with graphics that nobody else "gets." The one who'd rather be alone at home curled up with a good book than in a crowd of people. The angsty poet. The one whose always here when no one else is, but is always pushed aside when somebody better comes along. The one who doesn't have a TV. The one who couldn't name a current popular song if her life depended on it, but could randomly quote a writer you've more than likely never heard of at any second. The one who won't be your friend "just for the hell of it." The one who craves intense, stimulating conversations and won't settle for smalltalk. The one who goes off on tangents about things you can't quite grasp, but pretend to. The kooky goofball who laughs at the most inappropriate times.

I am not a cookie-cutter young lady. Apparently that makes me different. Different is okay.

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Mar 14, 2009