The Reason One Cant Understand Completely

the reason one cant understand completely somethin is im different n u r different.i cant b u and u cant b me.ppl can
understand part of us but not everything.
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amy, <br />
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No, I was n't afraid of responsibilities, because I was first taught how to do what they were..and, i paid close attention..Oh, I was afraid, but, then, I caught my parents checking me out, making surfe i did as i was asked..soon, that stopped, and I knew that they believed in me, so, I became confident..We do not need our parents to provide that, as our close friends and confidants, do that for all of us, already..Here, you are surrounded by those who love you and we all want you to succeed...<br />
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Ask questions of us..YOU are why we are HERE...I guess you can say it is like what mini me said, You complete Us..<br />
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Love, chipperchick!

u weren afraid of responsibilities?

amy, <br />
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I was not always confident..I was a shy,. little girl, afraid to open her mouth,with my nose stuck in my books all day..I learned confidence, as I was given more and more responsibilites, that I was able to complete..One baby step at a time, is how we begin every process set before us..One baby step at a time.<br />
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Love, Chipperchick ;)

good u get many smiles..n good u r confident.

amy, <br />
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It is our differences that make us unique, and they draw us to each other..birds of a feather do NOT always flock together..How boring would that be, to surround yourself with everyone, just like yourself?..(you, as everyone, not picking in you)..<br />
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I put a smile on my face, and greet as many people as possible during the day..couple that with my now black and yellow hair, i do get many smiles in return, and that sure does perk up my day..<br />
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diversity is the way to go, and yes, you are permitted your privacy, even though you might be surrounded by those who love you.<br />
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Love, chipperchick ;)

yeah..<br />

That's true, we are all a unique mix of personality, feelings and experiences. Yet at the same time we are all humans, and share common experiences and feelings. For instance, someone who suffers from depression is likely to understand me a bit better than someone who doesn't, as they'll have gone through similar things.<br />
I also think we should all listen to other people more, in order to understand them better.

koyptakh thats different ... i meant some other kind of understanding, not bout that.<br />
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hugs gr8jesus*

i ll say what i think but no tsk either ok...<br />
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sometimes i think the only ppl who ll understand is those who do have an ED or they r depressed.. i do remember the word ''balance'' but most ppl would just tell me ''cheer up''..i cant,not now..<br />
of course i ll try to carry u coz u r important, but for me..i don have words..if others understand me then why i feel its like they want me to change automatically(is that right word?) now?i don feel they understand.

True said.........My best wishes are always there with you ...God bless you......:)

Hi Amysangels<br />
People everywhere smile. It is a Universal facial ex<x>pression meaning welcome. It does not matter if people speak different languages. <br />
After that it gets more complicated like some people shake their heads to say yes and some nod. <br />
Still underneath people everywhere smile in greeting so all must be the same underneath the differences.<br />


We are all unique. People can understand us to varying degrees depending how far we let them in. But only you will ever know your whole true self.<br />
Wise post Amy.