I'm Much More Complex Than You Realize

Yes, I'm a kind person, and have been described as a gentleman. Inside though, I am a storm of thoughts, emotions, pain, and torment. The happiness of others has always been my goal, as I see myself as lost. I couldn't begin to describe any details as to what I am like inside, as I would need a few books to do so. Sure, we may have some things in common, but we will always be different.
drastunir drastunir
18-21, M
7 Responses May 21, 2011

yes. Yes he is not.

yes. Yes he is not.

are you sure about that?...

O.O no, of course not... what would give you that idea?

hmm....are you an alien? :O

Who told you I'm from another- I mean, thanks... cause I'm definitely from here...

And that's why I love talking with you.Trying to figure you out is...a never ending journey.There will never be an end to who you are!You're from a different dimension,baby. :) :*