This Is How I'm Different From You,.

I may not be unique in regards to being the only person with these features. On the other hand, everybody including identical twins are individuals. I was born with salt and pepper hair. My left eye in blue and hazel. The med term is heterochromatic iridis or sectoral heterochromia or partial heterochromia. There is practically no bridge to my nose. The angle , ie my bridge is very flat and practically nonexisten. My nose is small and it goes up somewhat. My nickname when I was growing up was ski nose. So my parents weren't very original. They were loving to me and that's whats most important. The tips of my fingers go slightly up and the toes on my feet are somewhat webbed. Lastly my hair starting graying when I reached twelve.
artemesia4u artemesia4u
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2011