My Reality

I am diffrent
Yes its true.
I am diffrent
A Little more so then you..
I Can say it.
I Alwayes have Known it.
I Am Differnt.
Yes..I Know it.
You may Call me Strange
You May call me Crazy
You may Call me Insane
But its Alwayes true.
I Am diffrent Then you.
Inside and out.
The diffrence Is Clear
White hair blue eyes?
Not something That is of The Normal Price.
I Am diffrent.
Yes i know.
I AM Diffrent.
And im Not afraid to Show you.
StarySkys StarySkys
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Its a good thing you are different than me, else we would have to battle until only one of us lasted. But i can accept you if you are different.