Much More Open...

I'm a pretty open guy if you know me in real life. I don't mind sharing sticky details of my private life with anyone, so long as the anecdote is funny.

But if it's not something that lends itself to humour, I often find it hard to express. My wife had post natal depression for 2 years and it was by far the hardest period I've ever had to live through. My day-to-day friends rarely guessed at how much I was affected myself, but my online friends knew everything. Somehow it's easier to type that stuff in relative anonymity than it is to sit down with someone and actually physically say it.

The same is doubly true of sex. I can admit to things and desires online that I could never in a million years imagine telling someone down the pub.

I can't really account for that, but that's just the way it falls. Oddly, the way I write is very close to the way I speak - quite directly but given to verbiage :)
yorkshireman1 yorkshireman1
31-35, M
Jul 30, 2010