I'm So Much Cooler On-line

In keeping with my "tell it like it is" personality trait, I will be the first to admit, "I"m So Much Cooler On-line." Now, that doesn't mean I'm like the character in that song title, a nerd, living in my mother's basement, making up stories of grandeur and greatly exaggerating how attractive I am; what it means is I am free to be a more carefree, funny,uninhibited and "cool" woman on-line than real life allows me to be. On-line I get to be the real me, rather than the me everyone expects me to be.   I am proud to be so much cooler on-line.
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On line, I'm the perfect gentleman, an Adonis, with the perfect form, size, and everything. In real life I'm just completely vanilla (make that *stale* vanilla), fugly, and a pain in most people's arses.

Walter Mitty has had more adventures than I.

You should enjoy the online activities offline as well. Be a little riska start out slow. Like wearing no panties with a short dress and go to the mall and ride up and down the escalator. I bet you would turn heads. I want to see pics without you sucking in your tummy. You are so sexy

Well, now that you mention it, I have had those moments. lol BTW, it's a country western song if that helps you know why you haven't heard of it. I think it's also a year or 2 old.

I don't know that song. Feeling uncool :(<br />
<br />
(!)<br />
I think you got it right. But, like married2bf, I think bits of the online you start to leak into real life! I wonder if you've had those moments, where you've been tempted to throw a line into a conversation like you'd only do on EP? I have...

Glad I found the right words to express it for at least a couple of other people as well as myself.

Truth, when I first read your post I thought you were just being hard on yourself (no pun intended - wink). <br />
Then I read Miss Sass and got a better understanding of what you were saying. Yeah! I think this is why I am here as well....just wanna be me....not some charade. Thanks for the insight.

So I have tried a number of time to properly express how I am different but still me here on EP and you sum it up in one sentance. <br />
<br />
"On-line I get to be the real me, rather than the me everyone expects me to be.".... perfect! Bravo!!!

Which way did you sing it, dc? Were you so much cooler on line or did you change it to hotter?<br />
It's a pretty cool song that B. (since he's an anti-social networker) likes to compare to my on-line friends. Sometimes I just have to ignore his comments. lol

Hey...I sang that one in a karaoke bar…LOL :- ) dc

Ironically in this case, cooler and hotter appear to be synonyms. lol

I can relate justwondering, I'm the same way. And from m2bf comment that means there's hope for me yet..both of us actually :-)

The online you will creep into the real you since both are you in the first place! :) Just hope you don't go and get TOO embarrassing in person.