I Hate Myself For Not Showing My Love For Her.

My mom and I we're often arguing for some reasons.
I'm so close to her when I was a little.
I cared about her so much and I showed her that  I love her.
But suddenly It happens so quick
like it was just yesterday I love her
and now my care for her turns to annoyance.
I disrespect her so many times
and ignor her everytime she spoke to me.
I don't know what happen to that little girl who loves her mother so much
Why she just turned her back on on her own mother who gives birth to her,
feed her and take good care of her to grow well. Sacrifice everything and give anything she can.

Did I just forget everything she does for me.
How could I do that to my loving mother.
After she raise me as I was now.
I am still cold to her.

I just wished that I will show my love for her and she will feel it too.

HelleinaEve HelleinaEve
3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I'm not a showy type of person and ever since I don't verbally speak to her and to my other family member...<br />
What I'm trying to say is I can't stand having an conversation with them or some serious talk.<br />
I'm just not comfortable with that. But It doesn't mean that I don't care about them..<br />
I hope she knew that I love her very much..

I wish i would have spent more time with my mother and answered all her calls i wish my phone would ring with her on the other end. But they know we loved them.

i can relate to what you said as i argued with my mother when she was alive. actually, we argued all the time but she was my best friend and i loved her and she knew that. daughters are expected to quarrel with their mothers and vice versa..but that doesnt mean we dont love them . the truth is a daughter is a mothers best friend