Learning To Be More Mature

My mom died when I was 17, looking back it was just like some of the story mentioned here (we always argue for many reasons), but I believe I managed to be strong and be more mature. Now I'm married and expecting, and how I wish my mom was still alive! Now I do understand the pain, and the difficulties of being a woman. This is life, and I believe we need to move on, improvise our life, hope and always pray for the best for our beloved mom. Do not regret our pass but always move on to change for the better. :)
kelishaminda kelishaminda
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I just lost my mom 6 weeks ago and it is so hard to move on. I am 52 and i was so close to my mother. My children are grown and gone so its just me. Now that is tough.<br />
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I wish you well.<br />
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