It Is A Hard Road Without Mom.

My mother passed this year as well.I am older than you by quite a bit. I spoke to my mother alomost evryday of my life.We were extremely close. My life has beenn ridddled with complicationssince she passed. All I want to do is talk to her about whats going onand get her advice.. Unfortunately noone else can fill the void of my MOM. You are NOT alone in your feelings. As hard as it may be for us, Life does continue even in our sorrow. I am sure your Mom asd well as mine would want us to push onward and have a great life. Some days are harder than others but what they all have in common is they come to an end and we get a new start when the next day arrives evn if we would rather not, we will manage to get through it. Try taking heart in the fact that your mom loved you and you can still talk to her. Now her answers to you are with in you just like she taught you. Her answers are still there for you.
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

Yes it is a hard road with out my my too. I like your post and your advise. I cry alot. It has only been 5 weeks now, nov 14, 2011 since she passed.<br />
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I was very close to her and was an only child. I wander around not sure what the heck to do. I miss her advice, her smiles her love. I have trouble finding someone like her with her smarts, kindness and wisdom. I am 52 she was 87 but still what a struggle. I doubt i will ever be the same.<br />
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Life's struggle seem so much more serious now and the love i lost priceless.<br />