My Mom Died On Mother's Day, 09 May 2010

I stood in front of my closet, fingers running over each hanger in disappointment as I realized, yet again, that I didn't have anything to wear. My husband and I weren't going any where special that day, (Mother's Day), just maybe to the grocery store and then coffee shop. My cell phone rang and per usual on the weekends, I neglected to leave my task of attire choice to answer it, so my husband, Joe, answered it. I heard him say, "Hello? Yes, ok I'll go get her" but when he failed to return to the bedroom to hand me the phone, I just continued on in my task thinking it must be one of our mutual friends that call our cell phones rather interchangeably. I barely paid attention to the fact that I didn't hear him speak on the phone, though I remember it now. He walked into our bedroom and without any build up, he said, "Your Mom is dead." I don't really remember anything coherent after that, just something about scuba diving and heart attack. That's about all I can write now; I lost my Mom on Mother's Day, 09 May 2010.
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

On Mothers Day? What worse day could that have been on. Hang in there, the pain never completly goes away, but a scab will cover it up. But then once in a while the scab re-opens, but it seems to hurt less and less as time goes by. Hold on though, the first year is always, always the tuffest. Walk with God to get you through. I lost my mom when I was 26 and my dad 5 years ago on March 12th. when I was 33. Keep writing your feelings down, that seems to help. Post me if you need someone to respond to your hurt, I feel that is my mission these days, to reach out to people who are hurting. Praying for you in Colorado.

I'm sorry for your loss.....

Was your mom ill or was it out of the blue? You never really can prepare for this kind of pain. I lost both my brother at 42 and my dad so I feel your pain.<br />
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In time, some of the memories will help to take away some of the pain.<br />
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God bless, thanks for sharing.<br />
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