My Story Of My Life Being Different Without A Mom

I thought that if I shared my story with others with the same problem, I would have a better understanding of it. I am 14 years old. August 22, 2008 was the worst day of my life. My mom died of a heart attack when she was 35 years old. I was 10. My parents had been divorced since I was about 3 and I have lived with my dad ever since. The day i found out, one of my friends were over at my house and unexpectedly we had to call his parents for them to come get him. He was acting strange the whole day and I later found out that he had already known. Once he left, me and my sister got our bags packed and ready to go to her house for her weekend visit. We were outside sitting on our luggage bags waiting for her to come when my dad called us inside. He made us sit on the couch and he sat beside us. I knew something was wrong at that point. He started crying and said,"y'alls momma went to heaven." I didnt believe it at first. I thought I had to be dreaming or something. It didn't seem real. I cried for the longest time. Ever simce then, my life has completely changed. My family has noticed it also. I could never manage to keep my grades up and I always like to be left alone and by myself. I've been trying to change, and I've done a pretty good job of it too. I'm now more open and bonding with my family. This is my story about my life since my mom died.
sk8star08 sk8star08
13-15, M
May 14, 2012