My Mother Died When I Was 14

My mother passed away from leukemia in April. I am 14. she passed away at home in her room. It's hard even living here anymore. Many days have been hard such mothers day. This weekend is relay for life that I'm doing for her, she was suppose to walk the survives walk that night. The happy things that are still to come arent going to be happy anymore because she's not here with us. My sisters prom is coming up, and my birthday. Some days I just feel like breaking. And I just want to hear her voice again. So many things remind me of her, certain songs on the radio, the color of my room, even when people say things how she would have said them. My grades were slipping i am ffailing french an science. My dad is trying hard to help me catch up but i just cant. Its almost the endnof the year and exams are coming up i have no clue what to do. My dad sometimes is hard to deal with, i know this is hard for him too. I miss her, her smile, her laugh, I just miss my mom.
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My mom has been battling A condition called Gastroparesis. I have been told she is gonna die so many times that I thought i was immune to it but I realize now that she is going under a high risk surgery that I Don't know what to do without my Mom. I am 14 too. and I understand you. Most likely my mom could die tomorrow or the next day. I have been crying all day and am sick so I couldn't go see her which broke my heart. She sent me a long paragraph of how She doesn't want my sadness to consume me but even now I am crying writing this. Something she said that broke my heart was" You changed my life since I saw that plus sign" I am so scared to loose my mom I need her so much and I don't know If I can handle her Death. I Don't know who to talk to except her and I don't want to freak her out. I feel so alone in this but I am praying and hoping things get better. I really hope things are getting better for you.

My mom died a week ago, and I'm 14, and I don't know how to feel or what to do, if you read this and you think that you can help me, please send me a message, also I'm so sorry for your lost.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom around the same age about 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer. If you ever want someone to talk to, I'm here :)

I'm very sorry for your loss, I came on this website because I thought it was just me who felt like this after loosing my mum. It was a couple of years ago on mothers day, but we had slowly watched the alchol take her life away for 18 months before. I know how you feel completely and I can personally say that it does get never goes away but it does get easier. Without my friends I wouldn't be here today. So keep what's important to you close and remember your mum loves you and wouldn't want you to be upset xx

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss - I know you must hurt terribly. I have to say it happened so recently, of course you miss her vividly. I can hardly remember the months following my mother's death a year ago. I know it'll probably just make you mad to hear it, because EVERYONE said it to me and it got old, so I'm not gonna say it gets "easier" with time - but the feeling will change, it will become more tolerable. eventually you will not be aware of her absence 100% of the time, which is kind of hard, feeling like you're forgetting, but it's natural and the pain starts to ease. I wish you strength because what you're going through, and what you will go through, is some seriously tough sh*t. but you will survive. <br />
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if you want my advice here it is: at all times try to pay attention to yourself, your emotional state and try to be as healthy as possible. talk through your feelings with your family, if you can, at the very least be aware of yourself. you're young and the things that happen to you now can affect your whole life if you don't put some effort into dealing with them appropriately. Seek help if you think you need it. let the loss of something so great to you shed appreciation upon the things you have instead of dwelling on the injustice of her being taken away. Take it from me, you don't want to process this loss the wrong way. I hope this comment wasn't too much for you or overwhelming during this difficult time.