My Mom Died 2 Years Ago

my mom died 2 years ago when i was 13, it was from colon cancer. people tell me its going to be fine, and that im doing fine right now. but i hate my life, i hate everything to do with it, and i cant change it. my house is so depressing to me because it was where she died. my school, well its the school i went to when she died, it reminds me of her. my dad doesnt understand anything i do, and thinks everything is going just fine. everyday i think to myself, what if i lived somewhere else, had a new fresh start, had a clean slate. i think a fresh start would really help, but im not sure if i'll ever get one
evansblake75 evansblake75
1 Response Jun 16, 2012

Dear as a mom I know all I want is to see my child happy and grow into a proper adult. She must mean a lot to you and its best to remember what kind of life she wanted for you and to continue on the path she wants you to lead. Please tell me one thing that was great about her - one thing she always said to you. She wants you to fall in love to be happy.