Ger Girl

My Mom was my best friend. I can hardly cope without her. She was a young single mother my father died when he was 29 and she got remarried only to have the man divorce her after two years he was cheating on her with one of their employees....she had a breakdown but pulled herself together and I never wanted for anything. She was the woman who lit up a room as beautiful inside as out and a lady through and through. This past year with the economy and foreclosure and totalling my car I had no good news to tell her so I rarely called. I didn't want to upset her...I've been going through a foreclosure and my daughter had run away. I feel so guilty. No one was closer to me than her and I've shut everything out. I wasn't there for her and I can't get over it. I don't want to live anymore. Now Gerry, had an extremely tough life gave all she had to everyone she knew. She was beautiful inside and out and so much fun to be with. I hope she knows the love and respect I have for her.

She had 5 miscarriages...I was the only to survive.
Samanthag1rl Samanthag1rl
Sep 15, 2012