Losing Both Parents In Just 3 Months

I lost both my parents in 3 months. I sometimes cannot come to grips with this loss.

My father checked into a private clinic for a simple PROSTATECTOMY and despite his age , the dynamic willing and determined person he was , he should have made it as the failure rate of such an operation of the sort is low .If he wasnt operable his UROLOGIST is a highly irresponsible practitioner who should question and weigh his competence & methods against the post operative care offered by the clinic he was in which has caused my family unnecessary grief .
Not knowing if my dad died due to negligence, despite the measures we took to investigate it is frustrating and painful, and no mater what we do we can never bring him back.

Dealing with this pain and all that goes with it, less than 3 months later my mom left us in her sleep with no warning- no time to mourn my dad who left us earlier here we were suddenly orphans even if grown ups totally lost and shocked !!!!!! Nothing but questions.
Is this destiny? all a mystery.
The only antidepressant is faith and hope that we do all meet up one day and that they continue to live in another dimension close to God and in our hearts.
With all this it remains none the less tough and hard to deal with and some days are worse than others ........
Benoni Benoni
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

I can relate to you so much. I just want to know how you are managing to get through it. I lost my dad on Aug 6 and my mom Nov 3, this year. It's tearing my heart out. I don't know how I'm going to get through the holidays. My parents were such a HUGE part of our lives. We lived next door to each other. I would love to talk to you.