My Mama Rest In Peace Now

Iam 25 year now my birthday was in 12 of sweet November after my great mama pass by 12 days
she had cancer from 3 years ago and she suffered more than any one imagine i miss her alot i hope to kiss her and touch her body in final time she can't move even to for the toilet i know dis best for her but i still can't realized that ohhhhhhhh she was always praying for me and said please GOD protected her from every bad  things happen i am working in good job but i did get her dream come true yet i feel feared from the future and powerless i lose how cover me and my family is distruted around the world and all have them own family but i still alone without someone to support me or advise me and told me what should i do when i got confuse , i hate November now :'(
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Yes, losing someone is a painful and to mother no count can define that pain. I too lost my mother due to cancer and she too during her last suffering days was on bed and with the constant pain but with the smile on her face to give me a moral support that she will always be around me and will protect me always.

She is doing the same by answering my questions, giving me inner strength to go on with life, though personally I have no interest in.

Take care of yourself and keep going and keep your mothers teaching as the lamp post of road of your life to show you the reght path.



God bless