My Mom Was My Best Friend And I Miss Her So Much!

My mom died just a week ago today and it is like I am living in a constant nightmare. Everyday I am in constant emotional pain. I just want to sleep all day. I am so sad. My mom was my best friend. She was very independent and lived on her own, even though she was 83. She adopted me and my two brothers as infants and I was as close to her as any of my friends are to thier biological mothers. Me and my mom had our differences, we would get into little disagreements and she would annoy me sometimes with her ways, but as any best friends would do, the next day, we would be hanging out and talking again. I do sometimes feel guilty about wasting some of the time we had on petty arguments, but I think that those disagreements actually gave my mom the pep she needed to go on. She was a master talker and debater! She would want to show me, so it pushed her even more to do what she wanted to do. I either talked to or hung out with my mom just about every day, so that is why her absence is so painful. I just want this pain to end, but I feel like there is no future without her being around, just a life without hope. :(
6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hi Elleanthony!

Please don't be so sad. Even I felt the same way but losing hope means that we are disregarding what our mothers told us. You know I keep telling myself every person has to go through the same pain sometime in our lives even our mothers did but they survived the pain and moved forward. I know every day I felt like there was so much I could do for my mom and taken care for her. I should'nt have done this or done that but now it is all gone. I wake up every morning feeling the pain but I can't help myself. I feel it everyday the emptiness but I keep going for my kid. You will get through this Elleanthony. Make friends..............share ur thoughts with people having same helps.

Oh my heart goes out to you. I can relate to everything you say. My mum died on 13 January 2013 and she was also 83. She was also my best friend. It doesn't matter how old they are. It doesn't matter how old we are. It is still a shock. It is still deeply sad. It is still very painful. Please don't lose hope. Let's stick together and just talk about our pain. Let's get through this together. I also need the support.

I know how you feel my mum died on the 24th October 2012 and the pain has not gotten any easier . My sisters and i cry everyday , sometimes i wish i was dead as well so i wouldn't have to feel this alone. But then i remember how strong she was through all the adversity in her life , she was 80 when she passed suddenly after heart surgery and she was a fighter all of her life. So the only way to cope for me is to honour my mum by fighting as well and never giving up .

My mother, best friend, and roommate (she was all of them) passed away of a Heart Attack on Sunday, November 25, 2012. I am so hurt, so sad - can't think of life without her. She was our everything! My mom was just 3 months shy of her 64th Birthday. My mom had cancer twice - she recently had lung cancer - a very rare cancer called Adnoid Cystic Carsinoma (not sure if spelled correct) but the cancer did not kill my mom - I think God took my mother so she did not have to battle the horrible lung cancer that was in both of her lungs. I am going to a Dr. now to talk and get help. She had three dogs that are lost without her. She is one of God's newest Angels and for that I find some sort of comfort. R.I.P Mom - we must keep fighting on!!!!

My mom passed away September 22, 2012 of Plasma Cell Leukemia, four days after her birthday. Like you, my mom was my best friend. I miss her so much, and still can't imagine she's gone. This world is so full of hurt and pain...I never knew I could feel such an attachment to anyone. My husband can't fill in that void...

I understand exactly what you're going through. I'm 16 years old, the youngest of seven, and my mom just passed away on the first of December of this year. I went through the exact same thing that you went through with your mom, the arguments, debates and everything. I miss her so much, I don't know what I'm going to do without her. I love her very much. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye, and that I deeply regret.