My Best Friend.

My mother passed away August 30, 2012, the day before she turned 66 of ovarian cancer. I am her middle child and only daughter. I miss her so much and I at times feel alone even in a room of people. I'm a 36 year old woman with a husband and three children but feel like an orphan (my dad died 15 years ago). My mother lived 6 and half hours away from me but I spoke to her at least 3 times a day. I think about her everyday. Last Friday at work I Locked my self in my office and sobbed uncontrollably because something triggered my thoughts about her. I don't know how I'm going to move on holding in the way I feel. I don't really express my feelings to my husband because I don't want him to get sick hearing it. He can't possibly understand. He has lost his dad too but it's not the same as loosing your mother.
Sallegra Sallegra
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You have my empathy. My mom passed away on my 20th birthday after battling Ovarian cancer for seven years. She was 52. Every year around that time I get depressed even five years later. At times I still have triggered thoughts of her being on her deathbed and like I'm reliving those days. Over time it hurts less and less though. Something that helps me if negative feelings creep up is to try to replace those terrible memories with positive ones of her during my childhood. I will always remember the sad last days, but I don't dwell on them so much anymore. Seeking support from family and friends helps tremendously as well. It will always hurt inside, but you will continue to feel better over time. I hope you're doing well.

Hi Sallegra!

I know how you are feeling ...............I lost my mother too. She was my best friend. You see every relation has a special impact in our lives but mothers to a daughter is different ................different from all relations. As daughters we share a different a special relation with our mothers they are our best friend . I used to call my mother 10 times a day. You know I share all my thoughts with my husband .........he always tells me not to waste my time just crying because it wont help but to be like my mother and to take her goodness. You should try to share the thoughts the good memories you had with your mother with your husband. He too has lost his father he will understand.