Help For A Girl Trying To Grow Up

I was fourteen when my mom died. I'm seventeen. The week my mom died I had to move into my dad's house and a month later I had graduated grade school. I started high school knowing no one and my whole life was different. I changed so much. Freshman year I started to sleep. A lot. I became clinically depressed and just today they had to up my dosage of medicine. A year later a dear friend committed suicide. I feel like I'm a five foot girl trying to jump out of a ten foot hole. It's been almost three years. I don't even think about it anymore, I'm just perpetually sad. I don't know how a girl is supposed to grow up without a mother.
Havehope47 Havehope47
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Aww honey.. i am so very sorry for your loss.. and to lose her at such a young age is really sad... i am 42 and lost my mom 13 weeks ago and i struggle at my age...
Online support groups are great.. or attend one in person if you can.. perhaps see a psych.. i am re seeing mine since i lost mom..
Hang in there please.... things will get better. xx