Im here because I love her, and im not sure what to say or do because she is so volnerable.
My sister in law lost her mother when she was 6 years old my husband was 10 there father was an alcoholic for many years. She is now 30 and has a 5 yr old daughter.
For the past 3 ye she has been making some very rash decisions. And now she is in a relationship I dont think is healthy. Im worried. No matter how beautiful or wonderful I tell her she is, and that she should be focusing on her beautiful daughter ,and not this man who is many years older . She has confided in me how she misses her mother even though she cannot remember her.
She told me she has been having dreams about her and she goes to her mothers grave every week. I can see her becoming evermore depressed and im so worried.
Please, im great full for any advice.
HopeandHeartache HopeandHeartache
36-40, F
Aug 21, 2014