Mom, Someday We Will Hug Again..

my mom died in 1992, i was 19.  She was my rock and could always count on her for anything.  With by father being bi=polar, i ended up raising my 14 year old brother.  We made it through and r doing well but that piece of me died when she went.  I still dream about how much she would enjoy her grandchildren and other things she has missed out on...I trust that God will someday reunite us and that is the only thing that keeps me from the tears.

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Prayers for a wonderful life God Bless

yes i have two girls 10 and 14... and yea it's been a interesting life, thanks for listening

my brother and i found my dad dead in his apartment about 5 years ago...that was rough...but my brother is doing ok, i just recently helped him find a new job working with my husband. I worry alot about him! But he is doing ok...