I Am - Thanx All The Holy Ghosts & Demons..

Even though being different for me often means to feel sad, mad, hurt, used, hopeless, worthless, useless, unhappy, unlucky, insane, depressed, paranoid, stupid, empty, scared... etc. .. Anyway, I'm happy I'm not like my dad or neighbor, or Paris Hilton, or whoever.. We all are different, just some of us are not afraid to be themselfs, but some does.. I am very different from people surrounding me. I'm acting other way, I'm manifesting myself otherway, I'm most propobly thinking & perciving the world much different then people arround me & all over the planet.. But it makes me to be me, not my friend or woman from TV. Even though it makes me suffer often, even though i make suffer other people often... I'm grateful for being myself, for being different..
IamAstarchild IamAstarchild
26-30, F
Jul 26, 2010