I Have Always Been Different...

For as long as i can remember i have ALWAYS been different. The odd ball of the family and group. I am loud with my friends and quiet in school. I like to pretend I am a superhero. My mommy always said that in every family there needs to be some odd ball and I always said that i would gladly take on that job. I tend to make up my own language called Becklish, and I have an uncontrolible imagination. The second my music turns on I am SuperDuperBecky, the greatest super hero in the galaxy. I can do anything and everything and I have every super power in the book. I love to debate and I have several imaginary friends. 
SuperDuperBecky SuperDuperBecky
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Omgosh I am to.... I feel rlike I'm nuts...LOL

Hello...When I read your story it sounded alot like my situation....I really wish you told us your age. For as long as I can rember Iv"e always been different from everyone else also..."But" eventually I came to accept it. If your day dreaming is what helps than by all means go for it!..Good Luck....Anto815t

lol>>>>>> Day dreaming

I use to love daydreaming when I was your age and felt I was a super hero as you do in your day dreams. Going to other worlds and fighting of the bad guys and being on wild advantages.