Or, So I've Been Told...

I have always felt different but not sure why, really.  It would be nice if somebody, after telling me I'm different, would also tell me why.
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I feel like I can identify with what you shared...it's not that you would necessarily change what you do, if people did give you some kind of feedback, but as they say, knowledge is power, and it could help you in some way. Some people tell me I'm "different" , or they just say nothing at all and hold me at arms length. From the outside I look like any other person. So I know that what makes me different is very intangible. It is logical....we know when people embrace us and love/like us for who we are (which is all that any of us really wants), and when they don't. Naturally, that makes us feel like there's something wrong with us.

I really don't know. It's not logical...<br />
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Not sure what you mean by the second comment. I'm sorry. I'm probably just dense :)

different is along way but always need to sombody

what is felt different