Some People On Ep Are Disgusting

i am very non judgemental but Some thingS just arent right and some people on this site are just plain old disgusting daddy daughter daddy son ****** ********** hitting Woman aSking if you have moleSted people how young Were you when you got laid firSt time deScribe it to me if you have any of these types of things on your account dont add or ask me to add you they should put a filter on here for those things im not into being peed on or pooped on or Wearing diaperS but if you are thatS fine i dont care add me We can talk not bout that but we may have other intereStS but if you like kids in a sexual Way or anything you can go to jail for sex crimes are not cool and i would never think about them except if i was goin to die of a terminal disease so i could rid the world of aS many aS possible if you prey on Woman and feel aS though they are leSs than men **** you to i hate men who beat there Woman emotionally to make them feel like they are nothing an can get noone elSe people are people man woman or child we do not own anyone besideS ourselves and our actions lincoln freed the slaves (im not talking bout s&m slaves either)i cant stand chauvinism i hate people that belittle others and prey on Weak Self esteems i was never unsure of myself and i always have had a big mouth and talked alot of trash but only to those who were able to defend themselves i can not Stand people that just like to hurt others for no reason the marks you put on someones soul can never be fixed a beatin the bruises Will heal but the pain in there mindS will never leave making it hard for them to truSt love an be happpy With another human being you Steal So much fro someone When you are abuSive your partner putS so much into loving you and makes themselves so vulnerable and easy for you to huurt an then you abuse them because you can an they love you and Wont put you in jail but if they do you lure them back in becauSe you can thiS is disgusting behavior too me find your oWn damn happineSS and let people live not hurt stop hurtin people and be a man and fix yourself dont bring other people into your nightmare children see these actions and think they are either completely Wrong and break the cycle or they think it is right and continue the cycle these are my thoughts and strong beliefs so man up and treat our ladie like ladies an cherish them
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im completely sickened by some of the things that go on here women inthier fifties who collect young men like trophies and the write aboiut how much they make their sons friendsdicks hard what kind of a person is that and young guys on here are so gullible. i get constantly harrassed byt he sex cammers and i pity young girls on here who get continual sex harassment. tys for your story alot think like u

Well said.

I saw this woman posting pictures of her 16 year old daughters having sex with their father and other grown men and talked about how she has sex with them like seriously and she posted the nastiest pictures. They are 16 common they dont need to do things like that especially with old men and family.What kind of mother is that? people have become so innapropriate and just plain weird! I cannot count the times i have came across things like this what has the world come to?

thats so messed up

that was some mighty fine righteous indignation!

Right on!

Who cares about your grammar. You got your point across and it is a very good one. RE: Your reply above.

exactly how are you tonite?

I am doing okay. Have my guy on my mind and trying to get to sleep but just can't seem to do it so I keep coming back here to write.

same boat horney as hell and bored but almost bed time

It is past my bedtime but hanging out for just a few more minutes.

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i loved these crumpled sentences! They make sense much more a lot of neat finely punctuated bullshit!! You dropped few tears off my eyes and left me a sort of relief not very important to expose its details! Thank you!!!!

yea i defintely did not do good in english class!!!but i have the moral;s and i excelled in history american history at least!!

which is pretty enough for a good writing! Hope you are fine friend!