No One Like You...

There is no one like you and there surely isn't anyone like me.... A 40 something year old teenager. I have my opinion and will give it if you really think you want to hear it. I have my standards and my own morality and you should have your own too. I believe in God and love Jesus, but I will never discount or discourage your belief, but I may ask you to explain "your" point of view...

I will help without question and will never judge; that is someone elses job. If you are happy, I am happy for you unless it comes at the cost of another human being.

I am as dirty and broken as the rest of the world, but I still seek to see things change for the better. I defend my family, my country and my God and give you the right to do the same....

I will listen and I will hear, I will take action without fear, because we all deserve to be different; not stuck in the mold of conformity. I hope you all find your voice, your cause or your worth and persue to the ends of the world.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2012

Very well put post. I may not always agree with others views, but I would fight to the death for their right to have them.

very well said,,,, but wtf''s w/ur girl profile pic,,, gender confused maybe ? hahaha

hahaha... Its Megan Fox making a stupid face with the the caption "you'd still do her"... all I had to upload at the moment, but thanks for asking.

np,,, I didn't recognize was her,,, lol

lol... I really should change it though... no problems here