I Am Not Really Sure,,how I Feel Anymore.

I'm like in a state of weird right now.. I'm excited over being a wiccan and i love my god and goddess. Then im kinda sad about, really not having more wiccan friends i can socialize with that live HERE. The band thing is comming along well... I've wrote 4 songs, and now i have to record one....so my teachers wife can help us...that im scared about...I have no lover anymore..I gave up on being with her.. I have almost lost myself... I would literally go crazy, if i wasnt able to celebrate with my wiccan friend.... Then, I had this romantic idea, a long time ago,,, that i still want to do..to the perfect girl..but i cant find her... hopefully shes not to far away! I really want to do this soon.. I'm just really confused.. I also, am bisexual....The school, or most of it knows, i FREAKED out, because this duchebag posted on my facebook wall "are you dating so-and-so" I spammed him till he deleted it... I just need a bestest truest most awesomeness bestersetset friend.. if that sounds right... I have found many good friends on here..but i need someone here,, IRL... me and my good friend, were sticking it along.. but then theres a whole other deal with my (Other) friend possibly being crazy...XD she says she is a vampire...but it just doesnt fit the bill.... I'M more of a vampire than her....and I'm not one...or i don't think i am! I believe that shes a witch...but,, its weird... Hmmm..... I'm gonna enjoy this monday off!!
IzzySparkz555 IzzySparkz555
13-15, F
Sep 2, 2012