For A Long Time I Hide That I Was Different

As a kid I was called Maggies weird daughter ,cause I would tell about things I saw, knew .
Around age nine I shut up about such things and just tried to blend in.

About 20 years ago the thoughts and feeling I had were getting so strong so I started again to tell and share.

I am past caring who believes me ,but i do get messages from the other side, I very often know what People are thinking and I am am Empath .

I have lost some friends because of it .Some one will say "Ok if it's true tell me something about me"
I do and that is usually followed by more questions ,

People are often shocked that I could know their inner feelings and thoughts

.At first it's great but eventually they get uncomfortable with it .I can't blame them I would not like it either, I'd feel that my privacy was being invaded .

So theres a start to why I am different I don't want to scare people totally away :)
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can you tell that you need to contact me

Becnm.e My kids used to say 'No Fair" because I too have done that with them forever, and known a fib before it was uttered .I do the same thing with Husband ,not the fibs so much ,but the knowing . I really really hesitate to say this in an open forum but I also have been Blessed to be at the bedside of several People as they pass over and my touched comforted them . I have lost any fear I may have had about death .

Ah yes the a red flashing beacon.

And I have been at the deathbed of some of my family as they have passed and sensed their "leaving". I, too, have lost all fear of death.

Being an empath is both a blessing and a curse. Having that psychic connection too often goes with it. I have the gift or curse of both, but usually shut up. It annoyed my children though when I use to answer their question(s) before being asked.