Ohhh Oh Oh Am I Different.

If you ever get a chance to meet me, you won't see soeone else like me is al I can say. Butthe same is for all of us. But somehow I think i'm in my own league. For most of my life I've had a wandering brain, a mind that stuck its head up in the clouds imagining while everyone else was going on about the world and all that they thought important in it. Now that I'm older, head is still there, but i bring some of my thoughts and ideas back with me. I also brought my enjoyment of painting my nails (which need a fresh coat) and wearing make-up (only dark, like black, purple, blue and red if thry have it) and dace paint. I also enjoy taking pictures and tweeking them to suit my tastes. But my favored of all; is my enjoyment for writing. I have people who think I'm gay, or a *** (don't ask. Funny things I do at work) been labeled a Goth and a Satanist (the Satanist part is a bit iffy. Don't know if that's a rumor or if someone really considers me one) But all in all, I'm me. No one else. Not you, or your sister, your brother, or that old *** lady walking to slow as f*** down the street witrh that rocker (Move it lady you gonna get hit!)

I am simply me.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
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They used to say I was in my own little world back in high school. The way I moved, the way I saw things, the fact that for the most part I was always silent. Even now, I'm always in my own little world. But then, my world is only a wide spectrum of possible worlds this one can be. All to a good and diverse soundtrack.<br />
<br />
And It doesn't stop there.

you know, and this is for your comment, i have. and maybe that's why im forgetful. so i wont remember what i can see. which can be scary. my ex used to tell me, along with other people who got to really know me here in my island, and they all said i think too much. but they forgot to tell me i see too much. in my head.

Do you feel things differently? Do you feel things differently? Can you see the world as how horrifyingly pathetic it is, and all the wondrous (or terrifying) possibilities it can be?

I love being different and i have to agree that you are certainly different. I have known that since the first day you came to me in the dark of night. You have a compassion about you that most people do not possess and I couldn't care less how you look because I like you for your internal beauty and what you share with me David.

We all are.. isn't it great?

We are all different and unique. Hopefully! Otherwise this would be a real boring place.