Little Ole Me

Besides the fact that I have a knack for sarcasm and a dirty mind during every waking moment, I am different. I'm not sure if I really understood how much so until recently. I blame a lot of it on the right side of my brain. Since I am left handed and predominantly use the right side of my brain (which houses all my creativity) I accept this fact and embrace it. People flock to me with their problems and dramas and all I have to do is say hello to them. If I had a dollar for every time someone said I looked familiar, I would be living in a mansion on an island somewhere. I drain the batteries out of watches and shock just about everything I touch with static electricity. I love color except for in photos, where I prefer the blacks, whites and many shades of grey in between. I can pick things up with my toes. I like to sleep with a fan on all the time, even in the winter. I make lists constantly except for when I go grocery shopping, then I always forget the toilet paper. I am attracted to intelligent geeky men instead of the GQ model types. I bite my fingernails. I can't drink a lot of caffeine because it makes me sick but I can eat chocolate everyday with no problems.

Just a few things that make me who I am.

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41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Hmmmm you sound like my bestest friend. Wait you are my bestest friend.

Great post :)