Different By Default

Being different goes way back to when I was a kid. I about drove most adults nuts because I always had my head in the clouds. I was fascinated with electricity and magnets. I was driven to see what made things work. There wasn't anything in my room that I hadn't torn apart and put back together again. My life was one of motion, flying machines, journeys to the center of the earth or really deep holes I dug in the garden. I didn't really have a girl friend until I got out of high school. That didn't mean I didn't fall in love, normally it was one sided and I was too afraid to take it any further than a hi or hello. I love to read and write fiction and if I could I would live there. I sleep with a fan blowing on me because it reminds me of sleeping outside. I want to explore the world. I never tried to be different, I wasn't dared to be. I just am and always will be different.

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I really like your story! Thank you for sharing it! It is great to be different!

you know ive always wanted to write a book too

You sound like a very interesting person. I like different people. I'm a little different too.<br />
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Your story reminded me of my kids and the neighbor kids when they were growing up. They were always digging for dinosaur bones and treasures. Some of the moms on my street thought it would be fun if the kids actually found some dinosaur bones so we all started saving chicken bones, etc. from our meals. We boiled and bleached them to make them look old and then buried them. Once our treasures were buried we sent out children out on a dinosaur hunt. What a great afternoon we all had!

One of the greatest lessons I have learned since I became a parent is that children need something different. My kids may roll their eyes or act all embarrassed sometimes but they know I love them.

Did you find some Fraggles down there? <br />
Think what the world has enjoyed because Jim Henson was different. We need different!

Thank you for sharing this great story! <br />
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The truth is we're all a little 'different' and the ones that learn to be comfortable in their own skin-they're the lucky ones.

Good for you to be different and embrace it!!

I knew that if I just dug deep enough I would come across some ancient civilization or better yet find some hidden cache of gold. We had a irrigation ditch out in the front yard that one summer I spent panning for gold. Those were wonderful years, someday I will go back home and use a metal detector out in the garden. I am missing about a dozen match box cars. lol