That's a f*ing understatement. 

MistressJade MistressJade
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

We need more "different"...more people willing to be themselves. Conformity is nothing more than the supression of ourselves to fit a mold created by others. Frustration, guilt, anxiety, results of humans striving to supress themselves in order to "fit" into a specific acceptable catagory, when actually, difference is the norm for humans and is what provides the richness of life around us.

You *are* so very different... and I revel in that.

We're all different here. You've got the weirdos, the geeks, the emos, the goths, the suicidals, the sex fiends, the sadist, the masochists, a few sado-masochists, and then there are those who can't be properly placed under any of those little trinkets we know as labels. I hope they didn't label you; always is a pleasure to see another person who goes without a definitive label. Scares the Hell out of everyone else.

Some folk are very different when you contrast them to the so-called norm but that doesn't really matter. You're a lovely person.