Just Like Everybody Else

It's not likely that there is someone out there who is exactly like me. It's not likely there is someone who reacts the same way to things as I do. It's not likely someone has had the same experiences as I have.

Of course I am different. Half of my childhood was spent trying to deny this fact. Now I get to embrace it.

So I get to enjoy the fact that I love eating cold spaghetti with my fingers. I like the fact that I feel emotionally attached to the books I read. I am okay with being borderline obsessive with characters in TV shows. My faults might be terrible, but they are still mine. My vices might be unbelievable, but they are still mine. I'd like to meet someone else diagnosed with both an addictive personality and dissociative disorder who handles it by memorizing everything she can about a situation. Name someone else who can repeat entire conversations verbatim. Someone who loves lingerie, but forgoes wearing a bra a lot.

Everyone has their hang ups, but only I have mine.

I am different.

ShopGirl ShopGirl
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

How are you different from others? Looks?, thoughts?, moods?, outlook?, likes?<br />
Most people think they are different and that no one will accept us as we are. I am different too!