Are we really?

Sure, we have our own traits, interests, personality and more, but are we really that different from each other?

We're all humans, we have the same basic needs, the same instincts. We all need to eat, drink, sleep, socialise etc.

People often focus too much on how we're different, heck I say it too, but rarely do I see someone really stating that we're all the same. The reason most of us are so seperated, is because we think we are so different, that we dislike others who are different, or look down on them, but aren't we all just the same as well?

I may have a different personality than the next guy, or a different body size as the next guy, or even a different religion, but he and I would still both be humans who need nourishment, socialising, love, sexual pleasure, a home, and many other things.

Are we that much different from each other?
Junkard Junkard
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2014