Am I alone? I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur - with a twist. I like to show off my boyfriend, not myself. Everywhere we go I show off his ****. I help him get it out. I touch it where we can be seen. I absolutely love it when other women want his ****. He's a grower so it starts off very small and then grows right in front of their appreciative eyes. That excitement they get drives me wild. I would never let someone else touch him, but I love it when they look. Then I simply have to screw his brains out!

One day we were visiting friends and sitting in the living room watching a movie. As usual I helped him arrange a bulge. Now don't get me wrong. He is very small and I use the bulge to see who would be interested to see more. In my experience no girl that wants to see it is put off by small size. Especially not when he starts to grow. It fascinates them. But I digress. I saw our friends' teenage daughter (she's 14) checking his bulge out. She kept looking over at it. This got me so wet, knowing she wanted my man but could not have him. I leaned over and whispered to him that she was checking him out. He got up and went to use the restroom. When he came back the bulge was gone and I knew the game was on. I left the room and positioned myself where I could watch (I kinda like to do that). I had a great view of him and the daughter. He positioned his leg so that his balls were exposed but not his penis. It took her a few seconds to spot it and she almost openly gaped. He then shifted. He's a tease like that, lol. I taught him how to tease. She tried to adjust but was finding it hard while lying on the couch. His hand went to his crotch and he moved again. And there it was. She saw it and smiled. I knew she loved them small lol. My boyfriend pretended he didn't notice, but oh he knows what's going on. At this point the movie was no longer of interest. They were toward the back of the room so she just kept looking at his little member. He stirred and it started to grow. Her mouth literally opened. At this point I was ************ myself. Oh how delicious that MY MAN can do that to a girl. She started to touch herself. It took me a while to spot it, but oh once I did it sent me over the top. I kept rubbing myself and I watched until she shuddered silently. My man knew she came and adjusted himself so his penis would be hidden. I came back into the room. We smiled at each other and he licked my finger. The movie couldn't finish quick enough. Afterward I screwed him until we both ached.
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hi, im Cammy. im 43. i so relate to your story! I liked to show my husb off too

Wow so very erotic, heading very lucky to have you be do proud if his ****. I'm so very jealous!

loved your story! I'm and exhibitionist and voyeur to.

Great and hot story...I wish I have a girl like You by my side ;)

so very HOT