Im difficult to get to know because i firstly don't let people close to me ( you can read why in my story about that) but also because i am so shy, or so it may appear. The thing is that if you spend more than 2 days with me you will realise that i open up. But you see most people base what they know about me on there first impression , which is me being semi un-social and shy especially compared to my friends and seeing as though i usually hang out with pretty confident people. Those few who have gotten to know me will know that im a fun huge party girl!

another reason that im so hard to get to know is that im a complex person, i have a lot to say and alot of opinons. As well as that im not one to poor out everything to a person, you gotta earn my trust.
kayla13 kayla13
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010