I Feel Like I Deserve It

I feel like every thing that happens thats bad is my falt,like I'm the blame for every thing. I admit that when I was seven I was the demon child of the family and it's like you guy's cant get over it,but in case you dont rember I saw my uncle die holding me and you guy's slit and then one of yall hook up with some one and you guys were married one to two months later. But I'm older now so heres some advice you guys give me when you should actally take it be for you tell me.."GROW THE **** UP *******"...yes you dont sy ***** to me you actally say "grow the **** up" but that word is what I think of yall....You guy's make feel bad all the tyme and when I tell yall how I feel cuz yall dont want me holding it back,I stillge yelled at and when I do hold it back haha what do you know,you guy's still yell at me. So here's a news flash that yall ant gonna see comeing...The day I turn 18 I'm out and I'm not looking back,I'm packing and I'm out...I got a ride already and it's a shame how your best friend's mom is the one who offers to be the one to come get you....
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Sometimes, bad things just happen. Good things and bad things just happen- to both good people and bad people. BUT you also get what you deserve.