Just Being Myself

I am very hard for people to figure out so it is difficult for some to really know me. I am not one to judge anybody. I do not like to be judged but, some people form an opinion about me without even getting to know me. I am a honest person true to my friends and family. I live a simple life. Some people have told me they could not figure me out. I have been told I have a bad attitude when honestly I do not have an attitude I just like to speak what is on my mind. I can get along with anyone that wants to be a friend. I am open minded and I do not make it my business as to what lifestyle someone is living nor do I try to step on anyones toes about anything. I have many faults in my life and I have lived a rough life. I am trying to improve my life daily to live better. I enjoy making new friends will all people. I am very kind hearted once you get to know me. I might sometimes seem moody but, I am loving, honest and a true genuine friend to all.
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2011

I like what you wrote about people accepting you and seeing you for you. I don’t know how to show someone me. People feed off people who are strong and confident, and because you do not show a week side to yourself, you are difficult to read. I could be hurting and no one would see it. Yet I could see their pain and would know exactly what is wrong with them. Sometimes I wonder, is it because I try to trick them and confuse them just to see if they are listening? My birthday passed a few months ago, and just because I told several people how I am always there for them and giving gifts but I would never get anything back in return, not that I was looking for anything. I could not believe the amount of gifts and cards I received. I realized it was not genuine it was just because I said it. Go figure! I just smile, and ate all of my free cake. Lol. I know it is hard to be judge when you feel like you are not doing anything wrong, but just as long as you know who you are, what you want and you have not given up on your free sprit you will be fine. Don’t let anyone ever take your smiles away.

There are too many people today who jump to conclusions about what people are or are not. Sometimes to be a true friend you need to speak your mind a bit. I am similar to you and don't judge people, as you can tell by some of my posts. If you ever wish to talk privately, drop me a line.