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It is pretty difficult, for me, to speak to a group of people at one time, which is why Facebook is problematic for me.  Also, I don't particularly want to make note of every little thing that goes on in my life.  I am a pretty quiet person, and one of the rare women who has a husband who is much more talkative than she is.  After thirty years of marriage, he is beginning to get to know me.  Maybe it is because, being in the service,  we moved a lot when I was younger and being an only child had not much to grasp onto regarding opening up to people.  Maybe it is the negativity I often heard from the adults in my life which left me wary of completely trusting anyone, or maybe I didn't even feel totally trusting of them.  I always like to try to keep a sense of self and balance and find that talking about problems can make them larger sometimes (though the opposite is also sometimes the case) so I don't seem to give people that feeling of closeness that they feel when you discuss every little detail with each other.  I'm a good friend and I care a lot about the life around me, the feathered and four-legged ones probably about as much as people, but I really don't feel the ability to just lay it all out on the table like so many people can do even upon first meeting. 
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May 5, 2012