Not Be Choice, By Circumstance

Iv'e become a bit cynical over the years. Probably from being lied to, let down, disappointed and rejected. All these things that happen take a toll on a person's psyche...mine has been left damaged and broken. But Ive come to a realization that I'm not completely ruined, in fact, I'm perfectly broken because my life has been put back together. Like a puzzle, the pieces were there they were just lost and now they're found. And I thank God for that everyday. However, I still don't trust many people and feel the wolves in sheep clothing are lurking around every corner, therefore I'm on guard. I do have a few very good friends that I share time with, but they are like minded and also have come from a similar background. Why am I sharing this with total stranger's? Because I know there are some souls out there that can relate what I am saying, and are also perfectly broken.
Delphinia65 Delphinia65
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

You have written my story. The only thing I don't have is the few very good friends :/ I used to but they all just walked out of my life with no care, or even reason. I feel alone and I'm very shy. I just wih I could have someone to talk to. Even of its just one friend. I'd do anything for that

you wrote my story. smile thanks for sharing, I really feel and am the same. just praise the Lord I am still here to tell a story.

I'm sure many who had been through this will be extra cautious - just like you. You are not alone in sharing this similar background ...especially on EP. Best wishes.