I Can't Speak English.

its not that i am a bad or i don't want to get to know other people,just to many thing that i can't do it,is not i don't want to be in relationship either , i just can't find one who understand me :( , like everyday i wish for to have someone beside me..!! it very difficult to get to know me,because i can't speak English correctly, I am Shy , and different , i am just weird person.
but i can tell you this I have no trouble making and keeping wonderful friends,in my language and the ones who've known me for 20-plus years assure me that I am lovely and kind and smart and the right guy will be lucky to have me that what they said. but i don't think i will find here coz i can't speak their language..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bunga87 bunga87 26-30, F 4 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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Your English sounds very good to me

whats your mother language? :)


thats the best language i can understand but have not learned any :D

You will communicate with the right one in the language of LOVE

so what is your native language? <br />
<br />
you write english good. <br />
<br />
and well, i started learning the muskogee indian language, for someone i loved, although she spoke english, and language is not really a barrier...

i can speak indonesian and arabic well.

ah , your written english is better than my written french!!!

haha thanks, i try my best i can :)