Not Very Open..

I can say this as a definite fact ; I am not open to anyone. I mean most people have a really good friend, menote, classmate or for Christ sake even a parent who they can be completely open with.. but me I can honestly say I don't have anyone like that.

Maybe it's because I'm a ***** or just maybe just maybe has anyone considered that I'm afriad? Just simply afraid of getting hurt again?

Am I overly sensitive? Yes, I am but I can't help that it's just apart of who I am. I know I'm not very trusting and I never want to tell people how I feel but is that really my fault? I mean come on now you can't expect me to just magically open up to you! I've never been like that and it's certainly not what I'm used too.

God but why is that just because I have all these bad points I don't get to have atleast that one person I can atleast ******* cry to?

Shot why the **** am I so difficult!
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2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

* ****

* mentor..