"you're A Mystery"

Because of a bad past I have trouble trusting people and letting them know the real me. I'm scared people won't like what they see. In public I act really shy and stubborn only because I'm scared I'll be judged and hurt. Really I am outgoing and nice and I love to joke around and have fun. A lot of times I wonder if my family knows the real me.
thebaddays2197 thebaddays2197
13-15, F
1 Response Jun 26, 2012

This is a normal response to a bad past. However to overcome this you need to step by step try and break me. I understand what your going through, not wanting to be disliked so you distance yourself to refrain from getting hurt. The trust has disappears. People see what you want them to see. If the person shows they care and share with you telling close friends bits always seems to help. Sometimes writing down emotions to. I can be the same only talking to people I feel comfortable with or talking random rubbish. Maybe try drama classes or team sports as this allows you to in interact with people and gradually trust. For example you trust them to defend/catch/ work as a team or learn there lines. Build up trust bit by bit and make sure you are with a good circle of friends and you will soon find you will open up more as time goes on. If you ever need someone to talk to without the judging worry id be happy to help. Good luck :) You will soon regain your lost confidence.

thank you (: